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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What Are TENS Electrode Pads? Need To Know

The electrode pads are usually provided with the TENS device package. Their numbers, shape, and size depend on vary according to the unit you have bought. Some manufacturers make standard sizes so that they can be interchanged between the units. While few other manufacturers, opt for more specialized pads to improve its relieving effect.
It hardly matters which TENS device you buy, the pads are disposable and should be replaced at regular intervals. Their effectiveness is essential for consistent pain relief from your device.


TENS Electrode Pads

They are the adhesive electrodes which connect the main device to pain affected areas. Different devices come with a different number of pads. This figure may vary between two and eight. The older kind of electrode pads needed electrode gel for your unit to work efficiently, but all the modern machines do not require any additional gel to give you relief from pain.

How to Use Them?

The electrode need to be placed on the either side of or around the affected area, and then the device needs to be activated according to the prescription. Usually, the pads are placed half to one and a half inches apart for best-relieving action.
Once you are done with the treatment, just peel them off from the skin. Just ensure that you are not pulling them so strongly that their electrical connection is with the primary device is broken. They give the best results when used on clean skin. You can continue to use them for long without the need to change them.

When to Change Them?

When the electrode pads stop sticking to your skin, it is an indication that you need to change them. Their longevity depends on how often and for how long they have been used. It is advised that you should clean the skin with soap and water and dry it completely before using them.
It is important to understand that if electrodes become wet due to sweat or other damp conditions, their adhesive properties will be lost and they must be replaced. The duration for which you use tens electrode pads also affects their life. If you use them for a longer term, then it’s better to rotate between two sets of electrode pads, this allows them to get dry before the next use. 

Where can you buy them?

You can buy them online. There are many trustworthy websites which offer electrode garments and electrode pads in various size and shapes.
It is important to remember that TENS units need replacing at certain intervals, but with the little care, their life can be significantly enhanced.
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

8 Effective Ways To Get Rid of Pain in Everyday Life

We are getting busier than ever, and it’s natural that our bodies will start to show signs of tiredness. So what do you do to get rid of that excruciating lower back pain, knee pain, arthritis pain, period pain, and many more such pains? The ways are many, and some of them are mentioned below:

Take Injections

They directly inject the medication into the ligament, muscle or bones, and nerves. It is one of the quickest ways to get rid of the pain if it is used directly at the location causing the pain. Depending on the medication taken, some may have a long lasting effect, and some may give you a short-term relief.


In this technique, a solution of irritant nature is injected in the location which is affected with pain. It is expected that the blood circulation will improve and ligaments will repair, although the effectiveness of the technique is yet to be proven


The most prevalent form is TENS i.e. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This therapy reduces backpain by use of low-voltage electric impulses. They reduce the pain signals going to the brain and help in relieving it. Nowadays, you can get a mini wireless digital TENS which is battery operated and easy to use. It’s a non-invasive way of pain relief.

Radio frequency Radioablation

This is a rather different technique which involves deadening of nerves which are causing pain through a heated small needle. The technique has been found to be producing desired results in more than 60 percent patients.

Physical Exercise

It involves giving exertion which will strengthen the affected location and will help in normal motion. The technique involves water therapy and aerobic routines among others.

Natural Techniques

A key ingredient of this method is the usage of oils for massaging the affected area, and it has been observed to give immediate relief. Some of the commonly used oils are lavender oil and peppermint oil.


In this technique, soft tissue work and realignment of body structure and gravity is done. This not only relieves any muscular pain, but also improves your emotional well-being and aligns your natural vitality.

Prescription Painkillers

Undoubtedly, they give you an instant relief, but the downside is that you may need to increase the doses. This implies you might get addicted to them, and such a scenario can always be avoided with the usage of natural painkillers.


Non-Invasive methods are usually preferred over invasive methods as they are less harmful. For instance, using mini wireless digital tens and performing physical exercise are methods which are commonly recommended by physiotherapists and pain specialists due to their effectiveness and lack of side-effects. So, go ahead and buy TENS unit supplies and  and solve the problems with pain forever.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What Are The Best Cures For Sore Muscles?

So, you took a fitness class and returned home with sore muscles. Now, you can barely lift your arms and are feeling that your legs have become as heavy as rocks. Don’t expect any high tech recovery solutions from us as we have only a few simple yet highly effective tips that will surely relieve your muscles from soreness and pain same as with tens unit supplies products..
Let us get to know them one by one.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage after exercise helps increasing the blood flow to muscles, and thus it speeds up the removal of inflammatory chemicals that cause soreness. For an effective massage start from above and below area and then work on the sore part. You can also take help of any self-massage device.

Muscle Stimulator

There are several electrical stimulation machine that are quite effective in muscle spasms, muscle soreness, muscle atrophy and in increasing body circulation. Used by many physical therapy clinics, nerve muscle stimulator machines deliver stimulation through electrodes into the skin via adjustable Ems wave forms. These machines are quite easy to use.

Cherry juice

Cherry juice helps combating inflammation and muscle pain. It can be inferred from the fact that people who signs up for marathon training use cherry juice to relieve the stress on their muscles. Drinking tart cherry juice minimize the post run pain and soreness as the fruit is packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that helps muscles relax naturally.


Rest is perhaps the most natural way to relax the muscles. Get lots of sleep and consume plenty of fluids. Do not overwork the affected muscle.

Heat and ice packs

Lots of people take help of hot bath to treat sore muscles. However, a cold treatment through ice is one of the best therapies. A hot bath provides only mild pain relieve and overall relaxation for a short span. On the other hand, icing actually checks any further muscle damage thus speeding up the healing. Crush some ice in a waterproof bag, wrap it in a towel and apply it to the affected part. You will certainly experience relief.

Vitamin D

People who regularly suffer from muscle pain or spasm may be deficient in vitamin D. The vitamin comes from various sources like food items including eggs, fish, fortified milk, etc.; or tablets, capsules, and supplements it. Exposure to sun is another best source to get vitamin D.
Next time you have any kind of muscle pain, spasm or soreness, try any of the above-mentioned treatments.
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Monday, January 23, 2017

Why to Use Electrotherapy Electrodes Garments?

The use of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) units for the cure of chronic and post-surgical agony is well-documented as well as widespread by doctors of several specialties. TENS units use a small electrical current distributed over the skin to nerves with the usage of electrodes. They have been recognized to change a patient’s view towards pain for changing lengths of time. The efficiency of treatment with TENS units is depended on several features such as the patient, the cure settings, and the kind of pain.

Another vital part of successful healing with TENS units is the poisoning of the electrodes. Perceptibly, if the treatment is not being functional to the appropriate area, the efficiency would suffer. This can turn out to be particularly upsetting if the area that necessitates treatment is a hard part of the body. Poisoning electrodes on the lower back can be very problematic for an individual trying to treat themselves at home. Correspondingly, the foot can be a problematic place to apply electrodes because of its shape appropriately. The parts of the physique where patients suffer the most difficulty are the lower back, legs, knee, elbows, hand, neckline, and shoulder.

Conductive Garments & Electrode Placement

TENS Units & Conductive Sock

Fortunately for patients going through the pain in the above-mentioned body areas that can profit from at home cure with TENS units, there are conductive electrotherapy electrodes garments to help them hit the right spot every single time. Conductive garments offer a soothing heat which, in combination with the paybacks of electrotherapy stimulation, might enhance the healing procedure. These strong and durable conductive adhering electrodes garments are intended for usage on body areas to which orthodox electrode application can be problematic. The most popular conductive outfits are socks, gloves, long sleeves, neck wear, shoulder, and back apparels.

Not Just a TENS Unit Accessory

Conductive garments are used every so often with TENS units, but are well-matched with all the forms of electrotherapy together with Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Interferential Therapy (IF), and Micro current. Most of the quality websites carry a full line of first-class conductive garments and are pleased to provide them at wholesale costs. If you have people that can profit from at home TENS, EMS, IF or Micro current therapy that might have trouble poisoning their electrodes correctly, conductive garments are an inordinate way to make sure that they are smearing their set treatment to the space that will advantage them most.
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Electrical Stimulation Machine Is The Finest Example Of Permanent Pain Relief

Pain is something, which becomes unbearable with passing time, and mostly if you do not treat it well. Body pain, especially the one in back or neck is quite hard to ward off, as it keeps on hovering back to you. Even a slightest bit of wrong move can make you realize the pain and its limitations. Having too much of painkiller is not good for your body. It numbs the pain nerves for a temporary basis, and helps you to get relief. But it happens only on a temporary basis. For permanent solution, you need something more, and that is a stimulation machine.

More about the machines
These types of stimulation machines are not uncommon, these days. Most of the doctors, especially physiotherapists are trying to take help of this electrical stimulation machine, for relieving patient from some excruciating pain. This mechanism works deep down within your muscle, which can solve the problems from core areas. This mechanism is not going to numb your pain sensation, but rather try to remove it from the roots. So, the result around here is even more permanent, than usual. Just try to procure the best response over here, and leave the rest on experts. You will love the features, involved within this pack.

Used with other machines
These stimulation machines are used with EMS or TENS machines. These are mainly self-adhesive electrodes, which are used for providing optimum conductivity. It further results in perfect electrotherapy, and helps you to get rid of pain, in no time. These products are designed in such a manner, so that these can last for 8 to 10 days, without facing any problem. It can work either for these days, or for 2 weeks, on an average. It depends on the usage value of this machine, and on the type of patient, it has been used on.

Features to look into
To get a better picture of electrical stimulation machine, it is mandatory to check out on the features first. This machine works with carbon electrodes, to make a perfect team with TENS machine. The items are quite flexible and reusable, at the same time. So, once use, you can use the same product twice or even more than that. There is foam back available along with latex-free services, which are too good to be true and to avoid. So, waste no more time and try procuring help from experts, for the finest possible solution, ever.
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Friday, October 14, 2016

Get To The Core Values Of Tens Unit Intensity

No matter how hard you try, you cannot get rid of body ache and pain. It is going to aggravate a lot, especially if you do not take any proper preventive measure. Well, doctors would prescribe you with painkillers, which are not at all good for your body. It will not just cause healthy issues, but will solve pain problems temporarily. It means you have to take these pills more than once, to forget about the pain. Intake of too much painkillers is dangerous for your health, and it might give rise to fatal conditions, sometimes. So, try using something new and different, with permanent solution, yet without hampering your body.

Looking for the machines
As modern technology has increased to a completely new level, therefore; it is not difficult to check on the Tens Unit Intensity, as your best pain relieving technique. This machine comprises of features of any electrotherapy device, which is quite simple to operate. Now, this machine has become popular due to the 10 pre-set programs, which are used for targeting specified part of your body. You can use this machine anywhere on shoulders, neck, wrists, mid and low back, hips, ankles, knees, feet and on elbows. Once used, you will come to know the usability of this item.

Pressing few buttons help
This kind of machine is the latest in this group and needs you to press just two buttons, for functioning properly. It can work effectively on any part of the body, as it is designed accordingly. Moreover, this package comprises of dual channel unit, which will help you to treat any of the 10 areas, which have just been mentioned above. There is a set of electrodes available with one channel. The most important selling point of this product is its functional simplicity. It does not require any technical expert to understand and use the items.

Features to look into
Before you proceed further and invest in Tens Unit Intensity, it is mandatory for you to check out the features it holds. The package comprises of 10 pre-selections, battery, timer and even LCD screen, as some of the significant features. Furthermore, this package comprises of 2 independent channels along with portable wave form, which can easily help the machine to function properly. The pulse width is going to stay from 100 to 260us microseconds. This single kit comprises of electrodes, lead wires, device, adapter, battery, carrying case, belt clip and instructional manual.
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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Vital Medical Billing Aspects for Effective Revenue Cycle Management

An Overview
Running any healthcare business needs lots of resources. Among all, medical billing is something on which the entire business’s revenue depends.  In-house medical billing management requires much time and effort. After giving this much time and effort, there remains the possibility of going through some failure due to lack of resources and proper management. Thus, a better way is to go with outsourcing the medical billing process. By outsourcing the medical billing process, you would be worry-free from arranging the billing resources.

Outsourcing the medical billing services comprise payment services by the patient or refund by claim carriers like insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. It is the most useful to uphold your revenue cycle management. The comprehensive process of medical coding, billing and filing claims contain uninterrupted examination and technical knowledge at every step. Thus, you can say that simple outsourcing and more straightforward analysis of regular medical billing reports can work wonders for your healthcare canter’s profitability. Consequently, the outsourcing medical billing process is the excellent way to increase your revenue multiple times. Here is the list of factors that is maintained in outsourcing the medical billing management for effective revenue cycle management:

Daily Record Analysis
Medical billing services include the record daily administration of the patient receipts, insurance receipts, write-offs, equipment costs, etc. This daily log management helps to do effective revenue cycle management.  Such services involve advanced tools and technologies to process the invoice which grants an error-free daily report.

Weekly Record Analysis
Another aspect maintained by the medical billing service provider is weekly report analysis, by which you can track claim repayment ratio and work on other filtering bills, can enhance scrutiny of patient records at the time of check-in and can improve awareness and comprehensive handling of requests. This way of management helps to detect the waiting time for your services and the staffs ‘work efficiency you can increase your effectiveness in diverse ways.

Monthly record analysis
Monthly billing record works to manage the inventory effectively.  Helps to get the details of the medical products that are out of stock and which are with existing status. Furthermore monthly reports benefit you to start micro trends of revenue generation, address claims denials, and file dependent claims and appeals on a continuing basis. Your daily, weekly and monthly records help to regular maintenance of medical billing reports that reduces confusion and play a vital role in effective revenue cycle management.

In The End
In order to get the effective revenue cycle management, you should outsource medical billing from a renowned billing service provider.  You can get in touch with such medical billing service providers online as well.
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